Monday, 22 April 2013

Dream a little dream

Hey you,

Dreamed of you last night. It's happened before, but this was more vivid. We didn't just kiss.

The worst (best?) thing is that it's not outside the realm of possibility.

You do treat me slightly different to other people.

We do occasionally overstep personal boundaries.

I did kiss you once, friendly, and you liked it.

You put up with my weird attempts at conversation.

You seem to want me around, at least some of the time.

You do talk quite a lot about being single. On Saturday you were even bemoaning that you're basically the only one in our group of friends who is. It was pointed out that I'm the other obvious one. As someone said, "there's a simple solution to that." Unfortunately, I was too busy trying to make sure my reaction wasn't incriminating to notice what your reaction was.

This is my problem. I've spent so so very long learning how to hide feelings, that I'm not sure I know how to show them. And I don't know if I should. Because, when I do, people get hurt.

Because in all likelihood I still wouldn't be what you want. What you deserve.

No matter how much you want someone, I can't expect you to be so desperate that you'd settle for me.

I'm a penny in a diamond mine.

Fuck, I want you though.

A penny can have dreams.

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