Wednesday, 16 November 2011


So, I just had a bacon and egg sandwich, and it cost me no more than 250 calories. What is up with the universe?

When I started restricting, there were some things that I cut out of my diet without even bothering to check their calorie count: pizza, cheesecake, biscuits, and bacon, to name but a few.

And all was well and dandy (apart from the cheesecake cravings...) until I casually picked up a pack of back bacon in a supermarket and looked at the nutritional info.

"70 calories a rasher," I read.

Intrigued, I put it down, and picked up some bacon medallions (like normal bacon, but without the weird extension with the annoying fat that I always cut of anyway... wow, bacon is hard to explain without sounding like a lunatic), and read...

"31 calories a rasher."

Holy shit. When did the world turn upside down?? Suffice to say, they were deposited in my basket in a somewhat dazed state. (As in, I was dazed, not the bacon.)

So I fried two rashers and an egg in a spray or two of FryLight, and had then with two slices of Weightwatchers Malted Danish bread (I don't use Weightwatchers, and frankly I don't even understand them - what is god's name are 'points', I ask you? We already have units for measuring food, more than enough in fact, chiefly grams and calories. So be off without your 'points'. Crazy people. But anyway, the bread - it's 51 calories a slice. What's not to like?), and for less than 250 calories and a full 22g of protein, I seem to have made a bacon and egg sandwich healthy...


Apologies for slightly random post, and also for strange frequency of parentheses- (apparently I have lots to say today).


  1. It's always nice to find a treat that's unexpectedly a comfortable number of calories (and I also find myself frequently using parentheses).

    Weight Watchers points always seemed like unnecessary work to me, but I think the program also encourages the sense you can "cheat" by eating massive quantities of certain items. Fruit is now 0 points, as if it has no calories. They're nuts.

  2. Whaaaat? But fruit is full of fructose, therefore loads of calories! (If it didn't, I would actually eat it all day...) Wow, Weight Watchers is even more insane than I thought. Although I do feel a certain glee profiting from their ridiculously low-cal bread, whilst ignoring all the rest of their madness. Hee.