Thursday, 23 February 2012

She's a perfect 10, but she wears a 12...

Baby, keep a little 2 for me ;)

So after getting tired of spending half my runs yanking my leggings back up around my waist, I decided it was time to downsize and invest in some workout clothes that fit! I also took the opportunity to randomly try on tops and jeans and dresses in different sizes to try and work out where the hell I am in the whole clothes malarkay, and, whaddaya know, I fit 12s. Not just on the bottom. Not just on the top. Not ridiculously tightly. I actually fit 12s. So I got some black leggings and a dark blue t-shirt, and it's seriously weird how different I think I look when I was wearing them earlier. Turns out still wearing my older clothes that are really getting too big was kinda masking my idea of how much my body had changed, because looking at myself in the mirror earlier, I almost looked... dare I say it... not fat?

Here's the killer: I tried on some trousers in size 10, just for a laugh. They fit. They were hideous, and I had a bit of a muffin top, but they fit. And they weren't stretchy material or in an oversized style. Holy crap. I'm actually doing this, aren't I? I'm actually almost a normal size, aren't I?

I haven't mentioned this yet, because I'm having a hard time actually convincing myself of it, but I only have 3 or 4 more pounds to lose before I enter a 'normal' weight range. Now, I'm aiming for the middle of 'normal', so it's not like I'm approaching the end of my weight loss by any means, and even when I reach my goal I'll obviously still want to work on my body and my fitness, and it won't really be an end goal at all.

But it's still an odd thought. In not too long, I won't be overweight anymore.

Well, I'll deal with that thought when I get there, I guess!

In other news, I went with a friend to a Zumba class tonight, which was AMAZING fun and bloody hard work. And when did that become a good thing...?

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