Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Illness and Insomnia

Well isn't that just magical?

I've been consoling myself all day that if I can just trudge on through till the evening then conk out and sleep away whatever vile little virus is wreaking havoc in my respiratory system, I'll wake up feeling better. There could only be one fatal flaw in such a plan, and that would be not sleeping. Well done, brain. This is self-sabotage at its finest.

At least it hasn't been a totally wasted day. I taught myself HTML, of all things. I worded an email to my useless ex-landlady about the deposit she still hasn't bothered to refund. I found a site with links to every single episode of Friends.

But now I'm just left enjoying a paradox of complete exhaustion and boundless restless energy.  Oh insomnia, has absence made the heart grow fonder? I thought I was rid of you.

The moths keep dive bombing my laptop light. And the death-watch beetles that live in the wall behind my bed won't give it a rest tonight.

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