Sunday, 22 July 2012

Let's do this thing.

Okay. The new thoughts are these:

1. Set and stick to daily targets. Use deficit not intake, since you know this works better.

2. Low carb. Not crazily, but let's ease into it.

3. Exercise. Every day. Without fail. Lots. And enjoy it. Remember the frustration of injury or bad weather? Make the most of what you got.

4. No bingeing. This should go without saying, but needs to be said, just so you stop and THINK.

5. Work on strength and flexibility.

6. Weigh in once a week. Restart charts and tickers. Stop the self-delusions.

7. Water. Water water water water water.

8. There is no number 8.

9. Water.

10. Cheer the fuck up.

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