Sunday, 11 December 2011

I'll keep you my dirty little secret.

My thighs seriously hurt. I started doing some deeper lunges and stuff as part of my circuit training workout a couple of days ago, and man... You probably know what I mean.

In addition, I'm seriously ready for it to be Christmas already, forget all this still having to work business. I want to curl up in front of a fire and drink gallons of hot chocolate. Not helped by the house being full of bad bad foods at the moment since my housemate had a Christmas party last night. I'm trying to summon the will power to leave her to eat the way through the half chocolate cake, mini stollens, cupcakes, and plate of mince pies that are lying so temptingly in our kitchen. We'll see.

So to sum up, my thighs hurt and I'm feeling guilty over the two mini stollen I stole (Christmas puns ftw) today. My blog is so interesting, innit? Full of crap that no one needs to know! Oh well.

In the spirit of being more interesting, and perhaps entertaining you all, dear internet people, let me present you with ten facts you don't need to know that absolutely no one else knows about me.

You excited yet? I know.  Here goes...

1. I will sing along loudly and enthusiastically to Disney songs if left in the house alone.

2. I am extremely skittish, to the point that if my phone beeps in my pocket, I noticeably jump and let out a small yelp, and I unconsciously tense up when people I don't know come near me.

3. I was spanked in a fetish club by a lovely domme named Fiona. I felt gorgeous and had bruises for two weeks.

4. I talk to myself, often, and when I do I refer to myself as 'kid'. Or occasionally, 'lass'.

5. I think rats are beautiful.

6. I was once offered a job as a prostitute.

7. I'm desperately in love with someone who will never see me in the same way.

8. I'm afraid of jellyfish, anger, taxis, and hares.

9. When I have seriously bad spells of nightmares, I set alarms for every hour and a half during the night so I wake up before I get deep enough asleep for dreaming. I perfected this technique when I was thirteen.

10. There are seven people in the world for whom I would glady give my life. Without a second's hesitation. In absolute, honest sincerity.

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