Saturday, 14 January 2012

Food, glorious food!

Ah, I'm feeling so good about food at the moment. Went shopping yesterday after my exam and restocked on masses of veg and fruit and all sorts of yummy things.

My most epic discovery, which I'm still excited about, was:

Aldi's Chocolate Orange Cereal Bars. They're awesomesauce.

Now, normally, I wouldn't bother trying to touch cereal bars with a barge pole. You know cereal bars right? Dry? Tasteless? Absolutely full of sugar? More trouble than they're worth?

Not these ones! They taste like Terry's Chocolate Orange meets flapjack, have only 4.3g of sugar per bar, and (get this) 5g of fibre! More fibre than sugar! Score. They knock sweet-cravings stone dead and keep you full at the same time. I'm in love.

Also, this afternoon, I made frozen banana 'ice cream' for the first time. I've seen people talk about this so many times on the net, but it truly is as cool as they say. You just chop a banana, freeze it for a few hours, whack it in a food processor, pulse, and hey presto! Ice cream! Or that which closely resembles it and tastes like a banana milkshake! Who could want more?

(Incidentally, I think I'm rather abusing exclamation points in this post, for which I apologise. I also apologise for the 'hey presto!' just there... I don't know what came over me.)

I've rediscovered kiwis too, which I haven't had in aaaages. But they're fun and tasty and at 40 calories for a small one, what's not to like?

For a final triumph, I experimented with the Shirataki noodles I'd ordered from the internet. For anyone who doesn't know (these come up on the net almost as often as the frozen banana thing...), these are traditional Japanese noodles made from a try of yam. They basically consist of water and soluble fibre, so they're ridiculously low calorie... like 20 calories per portion. Now, it's true, they do have a somewhat rubbery texture and taste of basically nothing, but whack sufficient soy sauce with them and enough veggies to disguise the feel and you're good to go. Certainly miraculously filling, but unfortunately a bit expensive to become a kitchen staple for me.

So I've been having all sorts of food adventures.

Also, I've now done three 30 minute non-stop runs, which I think is sufficient to prove it's not a fluke. I can officially run for half an hour. And I can run about 3 miles or 5km in that time. I'm pretty proud of that.

And I lost 2 pounds this week.


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  1. It's always nice finding something you like that is good for you. Sadly they are too far and in between. Great job!