Saturday, 21 January 2012

Urgh... no me gusta...

So this morning was my weigh in, and... Nicht. Nada. Nil points. Big fat same weight as last week.

This is, well, annoying. I've only had this happen once before and that was back in October on a week where I ate more than I should and did really little exercise. I kinda accepted it then. But this week... okay, I ate above my goal on Monday (though only by a couple hundred calories), but I was well under every other day (aiming for a 1500 cal deficit), and I ran five days out of seven, walked all days, went swimming, did my bodyweight exercises... What more could I have done?

Don't really understand it. Pretty discouraging, but I guess there's nothing to do but keep going.

Onwards and upwards and all that.


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