Monday, 14 May 2012

Onwards and upwards!

So, as you might have anticipated, nothing was as bad as I feared it would be!

The 10K yesterday went really well! I was running with a couple of friends and we all had a really great time, despite the rain, and were all pretty proud of ourselves. My time came in at 59.50, so I just scraped by inside the hour, which makes me so glad that I made myself speed up in the last km and really push myself as hard as I could on the run-up to the finish line. I was walking back across the park afterwards to where we were meeting up, just walking along in the rain and catching my breath, eating my banana, and I was in such a happy daze I couldn't help laughing at myself. This time last year- hell, nine months ago, I could barely run one kilometer without struggling. And I just ran ten. Yay me!

And neither my calf nor my Achilles played up, though I'm laying off running for a few days now just to be sure I don't do anything silly to them. Success!

My first exam went over okay, and my second is tomorrow. I'm feeling okay about it- que sera, sera, and all that. Then my last one is on Thursday, and then I am freeeeee...

As for the binging... I don't know, I'm still working on it. I had a really shitty morning on Saturday where I was incredibly stressed about all of this and I kinda felt like a bottomless pit and just kept eating and eating and it was vile. Yesterday I ate quite a lot but it was all controlled and non-guilt-inducing, so that was all fine, and no binges today, although I have been really hungry. I'm pretty sure it's just boredom-hunger. I'm kinda stuck in the house at the moment because I should be revising, which leaves me with a lot of time just sitting around procrastinating and paying too much attention to my stomach. I'm still going to have to work hard and stay focused to get on top of these binges, but I think it'll help once exams are over and I can be more active again.

Not perfect, but better. Onwards and upwards.

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