Saturday, 21 April 2012

Somewhere I never thought I'd be

Approaching my goal.

Thinking about maintenance.


When did this happen?

I still don't think it's quite sunken in somewhere in my head that I have actually lost all this weight, that I am in normal weight ranges now. I definitely still think of myself as fat. And sure, I still have fat that I'd like to lose- particularly on my stomach and thighs- but it occurs to me that maybe I should start slowing things down a little.

I haven't paid all that much attention to what is 'recommended' while losing this weight, because I think weight loss is so personal both for how you can manage it mentally and how your body copes physically that no one else can really tell you what to do, you have to find what works for you. But I'm pretty sure losing 2 pounds a week and creating 1000 cal daily deficits is considered 'too fast' a rate of loss for where I am. (I weighed in yesterday at 143lb (10st 3lb), giving me a BMI of 23.1.)

So I'm thinking I might try very slowly slowing it down, maybe decreasing my deficit by 100 cals a week, and seeing how I go. This will also be good because I've become pretty attached to the nice round number 1000, to the point where I sometimes stress about exercising more or eating less just to meet it, which I think is becoming somewhat unhealthy. What I might do is try and settle around 750 or 500 deficits, for 1.5 or 1 lb weekly loses and see how we go from there.

In other news:
-Last weekend I passed 100 miles in tracking how many miles I've run so far in 2012. Not too shabby. I can also now run upwards of 45 minutes without too much hassle, and my longest run was 65 minutes. A little bit proud of that.
-My total weight loss is now 60lb since September 2011. Seeing it written like that, I can't believe I sometimes feel like I haven't changed at all. Wahey, body dysmorphia! Oh well, I guess it's a learning curve?
-Been having some tasty food revelations. Big picture post to follow at some point.

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