Saturday, 22 October 2011

Happy feet!

So, good news, I did a wee bit of prancing around and dancing this even, and as yet- no foot pain! Yay! Been taking it easy all week and only doing walking and swimming, so hopefully whatever was up with my feet has had time to recover.
It does mean I've had a bit of a lazy week though, since I've been cutting down by exercise, work is piling up, and a succumbed to the comfort of macaroni cheese. Low fat cheese (which is an abomination, by the way), it admittedly way... but it still felt pretty indulgent. Weigh in is tomorrow morning, and I'm a little nervous about it. Really hope I'll see a little progress. But making sure my feet are okay is more important- if I bugger them up seriously, I won't be able to exercise at all!
So essay deadlines are running up to me with tennis rackets and whacking me over the head at the moment. Luckily I have two titles I'm pretty interested in, but everything I read only seems to prompt further books I really need to read, and I only have two weeks to fit everything in. Not to mention, I have the terrifying prospect of having to give a presentation in one of my tutorials this week. Me and public speaking... we don't go so well together.
In other random news, I made amazing tuna burgers this week - just lightly softened onions, garlic, tinned tuna, plenty of soy and sweet chilli sauce, and an egg to bind it all together, and hey presto! Yummy and simple and proteiny. It's all good.
Over and out for now.

ETA: Shouldn't have worried. Weighed in, and I've lost 4lb! Happy times! Happy feet! I worry too much.

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