Monday, 31 October 2011

Calm down, love, it's only a dream!

So the insomnia seems to have wandered off, but I had a pretty weird and fairly horrible dream last night concerning a certain male whom I may tell you more of another time. What he was doing in the dream apparently means I'm 'feeling an emotional burned from this person' or 'low self-worth'. No kidding. At least in the dream I was running away from him. No matter, I'll take dreams over insomnia, I'm more used to them.

In good news, I did swimming and dancing today and ate pretty well, so I'm feeling good! And the two essays I wrote over the weekend have turned out, on re-reading, to not be utter shit. Woot! Only three more days of work to do and then I get a whole week off... bliss. Although it will probably be a week of not eating so little or moving so much, so I'm writing it off as maintence now. Had a STS with this week's weigh in, which was slightly disappointing, but I was a bit bad last week... and it's my TOTM... or it would be, if I were having one, but it appears nature is giving me a miss this month. Hardly surprising, I suppose.

I've had a pretty fun couple of days actually, odd things aside. I love how positive my mindset is these days. Yesterday I was walking down the street and a van pulled up beside me and a guy leaned out and shouted 'Hey you! Hey! You're ugly!', and then looked really bemused when I smiled at him. And I smiled because I was thinking: "Of course I am, mate, but not so much as I used to be. Whereas you, evidently, are just as much of a prick as you've always been."

So life is good. And so long as I manage to lose something by the end of this week, I'll be at my first goal thing. More on that when I get there.

And now, because life can always use a bit more Tim Minchin...

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