Tuesday, 3 July 2012

This is how I remind myself

A while ago I started taking pictures of some of my meals, partly because it gave me the excuse to be pretentious in making them look slightly artful and partly because it was another good way to keep a record of what I was eating.

Now that I need to be getting back into good habits, I want to remind myself of what I used to eat, of how much good food I can eat for reasonable calories, and how it doesn't have to be boring or restrictive.

So, dear self, welcome to your catalogue of eats. Get excited.

Prawn stir-fry, with onions, mushrooms, broccoli, cabbage, carrot, green beans, spring onion, garlic, soy and sweet chili. 341 calories, 24g protein, 11g fibre. 

Back bacon, egg, mushrooms, courgettes, with cherry tomatoes and baked beans. 286 calories, 23g protein, 4g fibre. 

Spiced carrot and sweet potato soup, with a cheese muffin and broccoli. 274 calories, 12g protein, 8g fibre.

Roast lamb with onions, mushrooms, and parsley, baby new potatoes and broccoli. 353 calories, 33g protein, 5g fibre.

Pizza with tomatoes, mushrooms, onions, cheddar, grana padano and basil. 503 calories, 25g protein, 6g fibre.

Oats with skimmed milk, fat-free yogurt, apple, sultanas and cinnamon. 225 calories, 9g protein, 5g fibre.

Soft-boiled duck egg with brown soda bread toast, broccoli and courgette. 362 calories, 24g protein, 9g fibre.

Ricotta and mushroom crepe cannelloni, with tomato sauce, grana padano, cherry tomatoes and courgettes. 396 calories, 27g protein, 7g fibre.

Sweet potato wedges with boursin cheese, broccoli and mushrooms. 267 calories, 12g protein, 9g fibre.

Prawns with new potatoes, broccoli, peas, courgettes, garlic, lemon and parsley. 315 calories, 21g protein, 9g fibre.

Smoked salmon on brown soda bread with a poached egg, courgettes and asparagus. 296 calories, 21g protein, 6g fibre.

Porridge with skimmed milk, brown sugar, frozen raspberries, and fat-free yogurt. And a strawberry. 270 calories, 12g protein, 6g fibre.

I need frozen raspberries back in my life.
There is a slight chance I eat too much broccoli.
There are no excuses for not sticking to calorie targets.


  1. That all looks delicious! I've been given control of my family dinners, so that has made life a lot easier for me. I've also gone back to being vegan, which makes a big difference.


    1. Thanks! Congrats on the veganism. I confess that cheese would always be my downfall in such an endeavour. Vegan cheese is a travesty, it hurts my soul.

    2. Vegan cheese is not actually that bad! I don't eat many foods that would need cheese. I had spaghetti with spreadable soy cheese on the other day and that wasn't all that bad! It smelled fun-kay but tasted quite nommy.